Period Pledge

Does your business’s washrooms provide toilet paper? Hand soap? Paper towels? These basic hygiene necessities allow your staff and guests to enjoy their time in your establishment. However, one thing missing from many washrooms is access to menstrual hygiene products. We know your business wants to offer the best customer service and washroom equality possible, therefore we have created the Period Pledge.

The Period Pledge is an effort to eradicate period poverty. This campaign is initiated to further the mission of No Period Without, to help provide and advocate for free menstrual hygiene products for all those who menstruate.

At No Period Without, we recognize the extra cost this will cause your business. However, the social gain is tremendous. Based on research of companies who have provided free menstrual hygiene products the upkeep cost has been found to be minimal. For more information on the corporate value becoming a Pledge Partner will provide your business, click on the How to and FAQ page below, or send an email to


  • In order to be fully inclusive of all genders (transgender and non binary) the access to period products in mens washrooms is necessary
  • At the end of the day this decision is about the safety and well-being of your guests
  • Studies have shown that free period products within washrooms will first experience high and over use, this is due to the scarcity effect, consumers are afraid this service will be not be available next time they are in need, however this has found to drop to a normal usage after 3 months of menstrual hygiene products being supplied
  • Period products are as essential as toilet paper but do you carry toilet paper around in case you have to use the washroom while out of the house? No! In order to be gender inclusive period products should be offered in washrooms the same as toilet paper

Enacting the Period Pledge

How to be a period pledge partner


Begin your process by signing the pledge and publicly dedicating your company to the fight to end period poverty and create gender equality.


NPW has made this process easy by including our preferred distributor, Grand & Toy, or contact a different/current supplier to begin an account for period products and dispensers.


For high traffic public washrooms we recommend installing a dispenser for period products, this is something you can discuss with your distributing company.


Post on social media, display your period pledge certification and let your customers/staff know that you care about their health, safety and inclusion within your establishment.

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