Testimonials from Our Partners

Strathcona Food Bank

“The cost of feminine hygiene products is so expensive and when faced with either buying groceries or hygiene products a woman has to make a tough decision as both are necessary.  Thank you NWW for helping women with food security issues so they can purchase healthier food.” 

The Mustard Seed Neighbour Centre

“Over the past two years The Mustard Seed’s Neighbour Centre has been able to freely provide menstrual products to countless folks who are experiencing homelessness on the south side of the river.  It has been amazing to be able to be known by our community as a safe, barrier free space to get menstrual products with no questions asked.  We are thankful for the team at No Period Without. for supplying us with these products!”

Adeara Recovery Centre

“Adeara Recovery Centre is so grateful to receive these products from No Period Without. Our residents receive so much support from organizations like this, while working on long term addiction recovery. Having one less thing to worry about when buying groceries is much appreciated by every person in the centre. Thank you for being part of people’s healing journeys!”  

Westview Primary Care Network

No Period Without has been assisting the Westview Primary Care Network to supply much needed period products to menstruating youth and women in our community. The products have given dignity and basic needs to numerous women who would have had to go without. The Westview Primary Care Network values the contribution and commitment of No Period Without in supporting our women in health and wellness. Thank you for all that you do! 


When a woman comes to one of our shelters after having left her home due to violence and abuse at the hands of a loved one, she is scared, traumatized, and uncertain about her next move. The last thing we want her to have to worry about is what to do when she gets her period…she has enough on her mind. So, when she needs feminine hygiene products and has none to use, it is essential that we have a good stock of them so she doesn’t have to go without. And the main reason we are able to provide these products to her is because the team at No Period Without. always checks in with us to see what we need to re-stock. Because of them, the last three years have meant that we don’t have to spend valuable funds on products that every woman should have a right to – regardless of where she is or how she got there. We can use funds normally allocated to feminine hygiene products and direct them to other essential needs for all those in shelter. No Period Without. has been that ‘silent partner’ who quietly just gives, and gives, and helps organizations like WIN House continue to ensure that every woman who comes to us in need is taken care of in all facets of her journey towards living an abuse-free life. Thank you so much for always being there!”



“Thanks to the support from No Women Without Period, e4c can ensure that womxn accessing our services have their basic needs met, including access to menstrual products.  Having donated products like tampons and pads ensures that womxn do not have to go without. Thank you for promoting dignity, and supporting the womxn that we walk alongside.”

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